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Mike's Landwasser Schepper


Peter's StuG III


Peter's StuG IV


Pete's Tiger 1


Paul's King Tiger


Paul's Pershing


Paul's Tiger


Peter's Puma


Kevin's Brummbar


Peter's S100


Peter's T34


John's KV1


John's Shermans


John's Panzer IV and KV1



















Russ's Jagdpanther


Russ's Panzers in the snow


                                          Peter's Winter diorama                                                                                               Dave's Geschulzwagen 


                                                                                                     Dave's Morser Karl 





                                                                                                                Rob's Panther G (Wecohe)


                                                                                                                     Rob's Tiger 1


                                             Rob's Schwimmwagen                                                                                              Rob's Beetle


                                                                                                                    Kevin's Panzer III


                                                                                                                   Don's Tigers 


                                                                                                                         Steve's Tigers


                                                                                                               Jinder's Tiger 1



                                               John's Panzer IV                                                                                                               John's Panther


                                         John's Jagdpanther                                                                                               John's Panther & Jagdpanther


                                               Andy's Panther                                                                                                                            Andy's Tiger 1


                                         Peter's SU100                                                                                                        Peter's Initial Tiger 1


                                     Peter's Sherman                                                                                                        Peter's Panzer IV



                                                                                                                    Peter's Panzer III



                                            Campbell's King Tiger                                                        Steven's Tiger 1, Kubelwagen, King Tiger                                             



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